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33 Simple Wedding Ideas You Should Know


A wedding is a beautiful phase in anyone’s life where two souls join to lead a happy life together. What’s unhappy here for most people is its expenses and related stress. However the right planning for a simple wedding can help you plan a wedding well within your budget with minimal hassles and stress.

Here are some simple wedding ideas which can help minimize the stress of your wedding!
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Sweet Dessert Stations: A Wedding Reception Alternative

Planning a fun and exciting wedding reception is not an easy task; it can be just as exhilarating as it is exhausting. It is among the most exciting times for a young bride and groom to have fun with friends and family. Unfortunately, when planning your wedding reception, some over expensive specifics will crop up. The most important parts of the day are the food served at the reception, after dealing with the other wedding details like the wedding dress, cake, and reception center, things can easily get complicated very fast because there are numerous options appetizer, entrée, and dessert, you have to choose from. You have to decide the expenses that each course holds and the other cost of the wedding specifics. Fine-Tuning all those wedding details can be stressful.


We at Weddingbee offer a less expensive, simpler and more creative option for your wedding reception. Contact us today; we are here to help.
Everybody’s favorite part of a three-course meal is the dessert, right? So, why not just jump right to it? Sound too simple, right? We guarantee you that this will be a huge hit and a crowd-pleaser. Here are assortments of dessert options for you to consider for your wedding day:
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Tips on keeping the peace with both families while blending tradition & culture

The definition of marriage can easily be explained to be when two people are joined in love as one. Sounds like a cliché, right? The union that occurs between two people where each person brings their individually unique beliefs and cultures. At the early stages of relationship, these concepts may seem insignificant as passion and love blur the differences that exist. These differences become increasingly complicated and obvious as the wedding ceremony draws near.

Planning your wedding can be tricky especially when both of you are from very different religions or cultures. These conflicting differences that exist may be difficult to embrace the way both of you embrace each other

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Innovative Ideas for Wedding Table Decorations

When you are planning your perfect wedding, you want everything to be just that, perfect. However, even if you already have the perfect dress, color scheme, and overall wedding theme arranged, it can still be difficult to decide on what props and table decorations will be best suited to your big day.

Thankfully, choosing the right table decorations doesn’t have to be difficult. The key, after all, is to focus not on how a specific decorative device might complement your existing wedding theme, but how such a device will wow and enthuse your wedding guests.
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Fun Wedding food Ideas

With weddings being ultimately celebratory occasions, it goes without saying that both you and your guests will expect to be able to benefit from a plentiful supply of fine food and beverages.

Just like with Christmas, New Year, and every other calendar celebration, people love to be able to feast and raise a toast or two at a wedding. However, deciding what to feed your wedding guests can be something of a headache. Do you arrange a gourmet sit down dinner? Or do you do you arrange a much more casual buffet for your guests?
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Wedding Color Theme Ideas

Everyone dreams of a luxurious white wedding. White, after all, isn’t just traditional. Rather, white symbolizes purity, the beginning of new era, and to a large extent, elegance and refinement.

However, while white and ivory will likely always be the preferred color of choice for dresses, bridesmaids outfits, and ring pillows, white doesn’t have to rule over your entire wedding day in regard to your overall wedding décor.
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5 Essential tips for Decorating a Banquet Hall for a Wedding

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. It’s the moment, after all, that everything usually starts from. From you choosing to buy your first home to you choosing to start a family, everything starts by saying those two simple little words, “I do.”

Because of how important the first day of the rest of your life is, it’s of paramount importance for everything to be perfect. From your wedding event venue to the theme of your wedding reception, special care should be afforded to absolutely every detail. We know this because, at the National Event Venue, we help couples inject a real magic into their wedding receptions almost every week of the year.

The only question, of course, is when it comes to your wedding reception, how should you decorate an area such as a banquet hall in order to really exemplify your overall wedding theme?
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5 Essential tips for Decorating a Banquet Hall for a Birthday Party

Is it the big four-zero or a special twenty-first which you are planning on celebrating? Whatever the age you or a loved one will soon be arriving at, any birthday is cause for celebration. The only problem, of course, is that with ever more hectic lifestyles, it’s not always easy to bring family and friends together all at once. This is why when such an opportunity does arrive, you owe it to yourself to throw the biggest and most memorable party possible.

Suddenly Realizing that you don’t know Where to Start

Of course, throwing a party is easy in principle. You simply throw some decorations together, send out some invitations, and hey presto! The only problem is that in real life things can get very complicated very quickly. If for example, you’ve decided to hire a banquet hall

for your upcoming celebration, you need to think long and hard about how to create a truly spectacular atmosphere for your guests.

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Engagement Party Ideas

As well as being a brilliant way to formally announce an engagement to friends and relatives, an engagement party is also a great way to set the theme and tone of an upcoming wedding celebration. This being the case, it’s important to source an engagement party venue which will not only match the formality of the occasion but one which can play host also to a variety of engagement party themes and flavors. Continue reading “Engagement Party Ideas”

Corporate Event Ideas

Company picnic
Companies, large and small organize parties to have a good time with their employees on different occasions, whether they are holydays or company’s events. Some may do the standard office party with food, drinks and music. But if you want to make your event memorable and are searching for corporate event ideas, look over our suggestions for themes, favors and decorating to come up with a creative concept for a company party your employees would love to attend.

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