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Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Movie Party

Everyone likes to watch a good movie, and every teen has a favorite one, so why not to turn your living room to a movie theatre for one night?

You can start with unusual invitations for your guests making them look like movie tickets or pop corn bags. Decorate the room with posters of your kid’s favorite movie or print out movie stills to make garland for ceiling in the room.  Use a ‘red carpet’ with golden stars and guests names written on it to make your guests feel real VIP’s.  Movie theatre-themed printables such as welcome signs, banners and bottle wrappers will look great at your movie party.

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Original First Birthday Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Original First Birthday Ideas You Can Do Yourself

You still don’t believe your child is one year old. It is his/her first birthday party and you should do it really memorable – not for your baby, but for you. Do you feel you will cope with a party? Of course, you will. The year of parenthood is your best experience to take into consideration all the favorite things of your child – balloons, funny cartoon characters, etc. and use them as the ideas for the holiday.

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Unique Wedding Ideas to Surprise Your Guests

No matter how big or small, budget-friendly or expensive your wedding will be, you will definitely like to impress your guests and add some creative touches to the décor, activities, photo shooting, presents for guests, etc. If you want to demonstrate your individuality and make your party unforgettable, we offer a list of unique wedding ideas to consider and use on your wedding reception.

  • Funny photo quests for guests.

Have you ever taken part in photo quests? Everything is easy – you think over several tasks for each team of guests and give them funny presents for best results. For example, they may be asked to take a photo of two blond girls with glasses, three brunets with spoons, one bold man with a plate and a child with a flower; next photo should demonstrate some emotions; the third one may be dedicated to wedding congratulations, and so on. All guests can take part in such activities and amazing photo footage is guaranteed.

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Smart and Money Saving Wedding Reception Ideas

All these marriages on heaven, the happiest day in the life, stunning dress, amazing wedding cake, bla-bla-bla…To see and feel all this, one should spend a lot of time, efforts and, of course, money. Have you seen a lot of rich young couples who are going to get married? Therefore, we’ve prepared for you a list of wedding reception ideas which can save your budget significantly, so you could fully enjoy your honeymoon.

#1. Do not choose Saturday for your wedding ceremony.

The less popular day you will choose for your wedding, the cheaper it will cost. Some couples admit they managed to save up to five thousands of dollars on Sundays and even more during working days.

#2. Make a long pause between engagement and wedding.

By having a year a two between two ceremonies, you will be able to book wedding venue in advance and find the most affordable locations and services for you. Usually couples do not fall under temptation to book too expensive venue, as they have time to think over all possible variants.

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Dear Friends!

This article was written with the intention to introduce you to the beautiful – “National Event Venue”. Those who already had the pleasure of visiting us recently, immediately noticed and appreciated the major changes that have taken place. We have significantly transformed this space into a one of a kind breathtaking experience for every speacial occasion. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure to visit us, here at National, we strongly encourage you to drop by to see and experience the venue for yourself.

On September 2013, Valeri Baratov became the new proud owner of National. Valeri, right away, saw enormous potential in this event venue and dedicated all of his time and effort to give the National a new and exciting look and feel. Improvements were made in virtually all areas, with management being the primary focus. Valeri always says and believes that a great management is crucial to the success of any kind of business and he couldn’t be more right! With a much stronger team in place, we are now prepared to offer you better performing serving staff, more exciting entertainment programs and a newly designed menu that will have you and all of your friends saying nothing but positive things.

It is worthy to mention some of the individual qualities of the event venue that make up its unique “character” and feel.

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