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Engagement Party Ideas


As well as being a brilliant way to formally announce an engagement to friends and relatives, an engagement party is also a great way to set the theme and tone of an upcoming wedding celebration. This being the case, it’s important to source an engagement party venue which will not only match the formality of the occasion but one which can play host also to a variety of engagement party themes and flavors.

Of course, only you can decide on the theme which you feel will best suit the occasion. However, whether planning or simply attending an engagement party, there are a number of things which everyone should keep in mind regardless of the overall event theme.

Gift Ideas

In most cases, the bride and groom’s parents will host and organize an engagement party. In any event though, it is always a good idea to inquire with engaged couples directly in regard to what gifts they feel might be appropriate for guests to gift.

Of course, out of respect for invitees, most couples will avoid things like compulsory gift suggestions and minimum spending limits. However, one great idea is to encourage guests to gift items which will likely contribute toward future wedding plans. In this case, ideal gift items will often include things like wedding albums, guest books and thoughtful pieces such as wedding certificate holders.

Food Ideas

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Are you stuck for ideas in regard to how best to cater for your upcoming engagement party? Usually, venues such as the National Event Venue will offer high-quality on-site catering services which can be adapted to suit any engagement party theme. In this case, always inquire directly with event venues themselves in regard to what kind of catering services they can provide.


Regardless of your engagement party theme or the number of people you plan to invite, invitations themselves should always be sent out as early as possible. This way invitees are better able to make themselves available to attend. In like manner, asking all invitees to RSVP on invitations will allow you to budget your event accordingly.


To advertise a free bar service or not to advertise a free bar service? This has long been the chief question of wedding and engagement party planners for centuries. It’s no secret after all, that an open bar can occasionally lead to some guests making an embarrassing faux pas or two. In any event, it’s always a good idea to inform engagement party invitees of the level of etiquette and decorum expected at your upcoming engagement.


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If you’re planning an engagement party on behalf of someone special, it’s important to keep them in the proverbial loop in regard to what decorative and design decisions you are making. Engagement parties are a great way to test a particular wedding theme in advance of implementing it on the big day itself. In this case, work to plan your party around this theme and always choose an event venue which will help complement the decorative choices you make accordingly.

Dresses & Dress Code

Bridal dresses and in the in general dress code of your engagement party should ideally match your parties decorative theme. However, engagement party dresses themselves are usually much more subtly beautiful and easy to wear than more elaborately detailed wedding dresses.

The above being the case, don’t dress to impress in a way which makes you feel uncomfortable. The most important thing is that you wear something which is easy to move and mingle in, in order for you to become just as much a part of your party as everyone else.


Are you stuck for entertainment and engagement party games ideas? If so simply try and think outside of the box. One great idea, for example, is to hold a wine tasting event in which your invitees might help you decide on which wines you will make available at your later wedding reception. Alternatively, engagement party games such as wedding bingo and memory lane challenges often prove popular regardless of any event theme.

Are you still stuck for ideas in regard to how to throw the perfect engagement party? If so, don’t be. If there’s one thing which we’ve learned, it’s that you and your guests will inject the most atmosphere and enthusiasm into your upcoming party.  In this case, stop worrying and simply start looking forward to your engagement with the same level of anticipation as everyone else.