Special events
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National Event Venue has considerable experience in orchestrating celebrations of a variety of themes and scale, and as always our events are special, the kind that leave guests with contentment and positive memories that last for the longest time.

It is worth mentioning such memorable events for our clients over the last year, which took place in our wonderful venue, such as the New Year’s eve celebration in a fairytale themed atmosphere, the costumed Halloween party, the romantic evening in honor of St. Valentine Day…

With a special, warm feeling we remember the exclusive events that National Event Venue successfully coordinated over the years. We have organized celebrations dedicated to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 with a special visit from Mr. Rob Ford, the former Mayor of Toronto. In 2013, we held the awards ceremony Prestige Prize Awards Gala-2013 and of course, our widely successful and original musical project – the “Musical Twin”.

What makes a holiday? Of course, first of all – it’s a well-chosen place where fine cuisine and excellent service unite! The National Event Venue has everything to cater to your refined taste. What else is essential? The entertainment! Lively, original artist performances, pleasantly relaxing music and catchy dance rhythms, exclusive shows and pleasing to the eye stage decorations – this and more awaits you at National Event Venue!

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