Live music
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National Event Venue has transformed and became exhilarating with new artists, singers and show repertoires! Now the National Event Venue features the best live music in Toronto such as Gena Malyshevski, Edi Shimonov, Dave Spector, as well as our famous stars Kristina Barsky and Nancy Adejor. Without a doubt, this is the best creative team we have gathered together for you, given the richness of their repertoire, and a variety of musical styles.

You definitely need to see the new shows of this event venue with all their diversity and beauty of performances that promise to leave you with unforgettable memories lasting a life-time! Stunning performances with fire and snakes, belly-dancing and classical dance performances, stunning acrobatics – we hope that these magnificent shows will make your evening relaxing, bright, intense and memorable.

Our sophisticated lighting and stage effects systems ensure that all performances and shows at our hall are more expressive and colorful. Our pride is the professionally tuned sound system that is configured in a special way which allows our guests that love the dance to enjoy every bit of sound on the dance floor and the music is at a comfortable level to enjoy a conversation while sitting at a table without having to shout out over the loud sound.

In addition, we added huge LED TVs with a 360 projection mapping that allows you to share your photos and videos with guests throughout the evening without leaving your seat! But that’s not all, all of our guests celebrating with us on any given occasion will be featured on this screen!

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